National Poetry Day: Our Favourite VivAddict Poems

7 Oct 2014
Tue, 10/07/2014 - 11:33

For National Poetry Day last week, we asked you to write us a poem to illustrate how Vivatic helps you make money online from the comfort of your own home. Here's our pick of the best!

To boost your income that's woefully static,
Earning is easy; just click on Vivatic,
Get paid to take surveys or write a review,
Proof reading or blog posts; it's simple to do,
You'll have no regret
So lest you forget -
Just go Vivatic, Vivatic, Vivatic!

By Lucy

If I want to improve my cash flow,
Which at the moment is very low,
I sign into Vivatic every day,
And complete surveys and tasks on Ebay,
It's really easy, fast and fun,
And you get paid when you are done,
So go and sign up with Vivatic,
And make sure you do it quick!

By Helen

Vivatic is the place to earn,
A survey or two to do a good turn,
With polls and comps and surveys to do,
There's no doubt there's plenty for you,
So if your money is a little bit tight,
Sign up to Vivatic - it will help you see the light!

By Lee

You heard them, get taking surveys and earn yourself some extra cash online now!

Have you got a creative streak? Share something with us and we could be publishing your work next!

See you soon!


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