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    The survey company says my responses failed "quality control". What can I do?As you are probably aware surveys are provided by 3rd party survey partners (SP) and are not written, collated or organised by Vivatic. Each of these SPs provide sophisticated technology (over 10 checks) to ensure all the responses they receive are individual and accurate. In some cases they provide test questions that check that responses to slightly differently worded questions are answered the same. It is likely that a question like this caught you out or it is possible that the SP set up the survey incorrectly until they were notified. I’m afraid we are unable to comment on individual SP’s surveys (which change daily) and the questions they ask as well as compensate members for surveys that have not been marked as completed by the SP. We work hard with the SPs to ensure they provide a good service but minor situations do happen. We encourage you to continue to try all of our SPs as they continue to improve the quality of their service. If you would like us to investigate this issue further please submit a request here.

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