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    The survey crashed as I was doing it. Can I retake it?As you are probably aware surveys are provided by 3rd party survey partners (SP) and are not written, collated or organised by Vivatic. Each of these SPs have sophisticated technology systems and hosting to ensure surveys are available 99.9% of the time. Unfortunately these break down sometimes and errors occur that we have no control over. You will probably be unable to retake it as the SP will have already flagged your attempt. It is likely that an issue with the SP’s software or survey set up caused this issue. We understand how frustrating this is for you but we are afraid we aren't generally able to compensate members for surveys that have not been marked as completed by the SP. We have hundreds or thousands of people attempting these surveys and without the SP’s completion statistics we are unable to verify who completed them. We work hard with the SPs to ensure they provide a good service but minor situations do happen. We encourage you to continue to try all of our SPs as they continue to improve the quality of their service. If you would like us to investigate this issue further please submit a request here.

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