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    I can't get any surveys. Why not?As you are probably aware surveys are provided by 3rd party survey partners (SP) and are not written, collated or organised by Vivatic. Issues around no surveys being available can usually be attributed to one of the following: 1. The SP are completing changes to their system so Vivatic has removed them from the list ( until they are back up and running 2. The Quota is filled. Many SP have quotas for each survey based on age, demographics and location. It is possible that during the taking of a survey these quotas become filled and on submission you are told you don’t qualify. We understand how this might be frustrating and we work with the SPs to ensure they are as transparent as possible. 3. You have already taken all the surveys from this SP. 4. The SP does not have any surveys available or they have recently closed the survey. I’m afraid we are unable to comment on individual SP’s surveys (which change daily) and the questions they ask as well as compensate members for surveys that have not been marked as completed by the SP. We work hard with the SPs to ensure they provide a good service. We encourage you to continue to try all of our SPs as they continue to improve the quality of their service.

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