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My account has been blocked. Why?It is likely that our fraud team or one of our 3rd party survey providers has discovered fraudulent activity on your account when taking part in surveys and as a result has blocked your account. The fraud will have been verified by our survey partners who will have confirmed the surveys you have claimed to have taken were either: 1. Not completed and you have attempted to hack our tracking system. 2. You completed the surveys multiple times with different details. 3. You completed the survey multiple times from the same computer. 4. You have completed an impossible/unrealistic number of surveys on a given day based on the number of surveys available from that research company. All pending payments and monies accrued are usually cleared and your account frozen. Please be aware we take cases of fraud and attempted fraud very seriously and have no hesitation in taking the highest recourse to ensure it doesn’t happen and any monies paid out are returned to us.

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