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I'm having trouble logging in. Can you suggest something?Issues around logging in can usually be resolved as follows: 1. Go to: 2. Go to 3. Enter your details. Both fields are case sensitive 4. Click “log in”. 5. You should then see “Logged in as …..” at the top right of the page. 6. If you wish to then change your password then please visit and click on the “Change your password here” link at the top. If you are not logged in after following the steps above please complete the following steps: 1. Visit 2. Visit 3. Enter your email address and hit ”Email new password” 4. Very important – click on the very long link in the email you receive. If it spans two lines please paste all of it into your browser. 5. If you don’t receive an email please check in your spam mail folder and allow emails from 6. If you are now logged in visit and click on the “Change your password here” link at the top (do not click on any other links before this) and change your password. 7. If you aren’t logged in you probably have settings in your browser stopping authentication. Please try a different browser. Please note that the message, when changing your password, stating “The password does not include enough variation to be secure…..” is a guide and not a rule.

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