Get Paid for Taking Surveys

Online Surveys

Online surveys are a fantastic way to earn you a little extra money. They will not provide you with enough to suddenly live the high life, but they can add that little extra bit of cash that so many of us need in these tough economic times. Taking online surveys can also be very interesting when you get surveys that are relevant to you. The payment varies greatly and is usually based on how long the survey actually is. This can be anything between 50p and £10. However, you will have to be working at it for a while before £10 surveys start to come your way. Still, even taking the surveys that pay as little as 50p can be of benefit as these add up over time to provide you with a more desirable amount of money. Some companies will pay you in cash via Pay Pal and some will send out vouchers for a shop of your choice.

Getting Started

To get yourself started taking online surveys, you will find a huge list of companies simply by doing an internet search. However, not all of these companies are what they seem and any who offer to pay you a huge amount of money, or ask for a registration fee, may be best avoided. A good surveys company will always have a business address listed on their web page with links to ask questions if needs be. Sign up to as many of these companies as possible to maximise the amount of invites you will get. When you first register, companies may ask you a lot of questions about yourself and your lifestyle. Whilst this can seem boring, it is necessary in order that they can match you with surveys applicable to you.

Starting to Take Surveys

Once you are signed up with a number of companies you should start receiving survey invitations. If the company does not send out regular invites, be sure to check the website itself every day to see what they have on offer. To start with, it is best to take up as many surveys as are offered to you, not matter how dull and pointless they may seem. This will build you a good reputation with the company. Once you have established yourself, then you can be a bit more choosey. Always answer all questions honestly as inconsistencies may mean that you are not paid for the survey taken and you may even be struck off the site. After a while, you may find that more interesting jobs come your way, such as testing products which you will be able to keep and reporting on your findings. So not only will you be getting paid for the survey, you will have the added bonus of a freebie to boot.