How To Earn Money At Home From the Internet

It seems we are constantly inundated with e-mails or adverts claiming fortunes can be made by completing easy jobs online. Naturally, many may be dubious about these claims and dismiss such adverts as scam. However, legitimate jobs over the internet do exist. In this article we will look at the various types of paid online jobs that can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

Internet Research

There are several companies based in the UK who employ internet researchers. Any Question Answered (AQA) and 63336 are two such companies. These businesses promise their customers that they will find an answer to any question texted to them within a certain time scale. Internet researchers can claim the questions as they come in and are paid for every answer they find. Each answer must comply with strict criteria and answers are monitored on a frequent basis. Researchers can be dismissed if their answers do not match these qualities on a regular basis. Researchers are paid between 30p to 50p per answer they give, but should not expect to earn a great deal for a high volume of work is not guaranteed.

Freelance Work

There are numerous websites which offer freelance jobs that can be completed from home. Companies upload the jobs that they want completed and then subscribers to the website can bid for the jobs that they want to complete. The employer can then select the person they want to complete the job. The amount paid depends totally on the type of job and skill level needed to complete it. One thing to bear in mind is that you will be competing for jobs from people all over the world. This means you may be undercut by residents from countries where the cost of living is significantly less than in the UK. If you try to undercut these bids you may be completing a job for much less than it is actually worth.

Completing Surveys

Companies will pay for your opinion and there are hundreds of websites which will reward you for completing surveys. Some pay out cash, usually though PayPal, whereas others pay out in vouchers. There is usually a payment threshold, normally around £20, which users must reach before receiving their payment. The amount that a person will be paid for completing a survey varies depending on the length of the questionnaire, however, it rarely exceeds £1. It can take anything from 2 minutes to 30 minutes to complete a survey, so again, you are unlikely to make a great deal overall.

Legitimate online jobs that can be completed at home do exist but they do not pay well at all. Whilst they can boost your income, they are unlikely to provide a significant cash injection. People should be wary of jobs that promise huge sums as they are likely to be scams. There are ways of earning money online but they will take up at lot of time and you are likely to earn less than the national minimum wage. These online jobs are no replacement for a real job in the outside world.