How to Earn Money From Online Surveys

Online Surveys

If you are looking to make a little money online, doing paid surveys is an excellent way to achieve this. It's highly unlikely that you will earn enough to quit your day job but this can provide a little extra money to help you through tough times.

A simple web search of paid online surveys will produce hundreds of sites that claim to offer you money for the surveys you take part in. The reason they are able to do this is companies across the world want your opinion on a variety of different matters. This can even be as simple as telling them the types of crisps you enjoy.

Every company needs feedback and opinions regarding their products and services. To find out the information they need, they will offer an online survey. Most companies use a specialist online survey site for this purpose. Payment for taking part can be anything from 50p to £20 or more. The payment usually depends on the length and complexity of the survey that you take.

Getting Started

To start getting paid for your opinions, you can register with as many online survey companies as you wish. It is a good idea to register with as many companies as possible to maximise your money making potential. You might want to set up a new e-mail address for this purpose to separate survey invites from your other e-mails.

When you register your details with a new company they will probably ask you to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire. This is so they can find out as much as possible about you enabling them to match you with surveys that are applicable. When doing online surveys make sure you answer all questions as honestly as possible. If the companies detect any inconsistencies throughout your survey, you will not be paid for that survey and may even be struck off the site. To start with, accept as many invitations for surveys as possible even if they sound boring. This will build you a good reputation with the companies and mean more invites will be sent to your in box in the future.

Genuine Online Survey Companies

One important thing to consider when signing up for an online survey site is whether they are genuine or not. Some survey sites offer very little or nothing for taking a survey. Read everything on the website before signing up. If something about their claims does not feel right or seems too good to be true then do not sign up with them. Chances are you will come across a good number of scam sites that are listed amongst the genuine.

Some online survey sites will ask you for a registration fee for you to start taking surveys. This may seem okay, but any large payments for your registration should be avoided. The best sites want you to come to them and will not charge you for signing up. Have a good look through the site and make sure there is a registered business address and full contact details for the company. Have a look to see if there are any testimonials present from the current users. The sites that are free are the safest options for you to sign up with if you wish to start making some extra money right away.