Legitimate Paid Survey Jobs

Survey Sites

Completing online surveys at home can be a great way for people to earn some extra income. They are used by companies and political parties to gauge public opinion on certain topics and will pay people who are willing to share their views.

To access surveys you need to sign up to a site and then you will usually be emailed when a survey is available, although you may sometimes be better off checking the site rather than just waiting for emails. Once you've completed a survey you will get paid for your time. The surveys usually take between five and thirty minutes to complete and the payment is generally between ten pence and three pounds per survey. The payments come in different forms, either through PayPal, in the form of a cheque or in vouchers for various shops.

You cannot withdraw your earnings from a survey site until you have reached the payment threshold, which is normally between ten and fifteen pounds depending on the site. Income from surveys won't provide a full time wage, but it can be worth a few hundred pounds a year if you are prepared to regularly complete the surveys.

Which Sites to Use

You can sign up to as many survey sites as you like in order to maximise your income. There are quite a number to choose from, one of the largest and most established being Valued Opinions. They consistently offer surveys with payments reaching up to five pounds, although most are for less than this. They pay in vouchers which can be used in many high street shops. Their payment threshold is ten pounds.

Global Test Market are an American firm who pay by cheque. The payment threshold is fifty dollars and although the cheques can take a while to arrive, they are reliable payers.

You Gov offer surveys on subjects to do with society rather than products. They pay around fifty pence per survey and the payment threshold is fifty pounds.

Other reputable survey sites include; My Survey, QNA, Panel Base, New Vista Live, One Poll and Just The Answer. Some survey sites such as Pine Cone and Consumer Pulse operate on an invite only basis.

Tips For Using Survey Sites

Firstly, no legitimate survey site will charge you to register, so any site which does should always be avoided.

As well as signing up to as many sites as possible, it is considered a good idea to withdraw your cash as soon as you reach the payment threshold as there is no protection for your balance if the company closes down.

It is important to always be honest when completing the surveys as survey sites can double check your answers and if you are suspected of fraudulent answers they can cancel your membership.

Make sure you keep a log of all the surveys you have completed. Some companies can take some time to track the surveys you have completed and if you have not been correctly credited for a survey, filling out a log will highlight this allowing you to chase up the company for your payment.