Make Money with Online Surveys

Online Survey Sites

Online survey sites are used by marketing research companies to find out consumers' opinions regarding their products. Some are also used by companies to find out people's opinions of political issues. To encourage people to share their opinions, these sites will pay a small incentive of between five pence and five pounds per survey, with the typical payment being around the one pound mark for a survey that takes between twenty and thirty minutes. Survey panels are usually looking for people from a certain demographic and you may find you are screened out of any survey you take after a few questions if you do not fit the required profile. The amount of money you can earn from these sites will vary depending how much time you can dedicate to answering surveys, but typically this would be between two to twenty pounds per month per site you are registered with.

Earning Money from Survey Sites

Survey sites differ in the way they operate. Some will send you emails when a survey becomes available for you to complete, whereas others will require you to visit the site to see if any surveys are available. Before beginning the survey, the site will let you know approximately how long it takes to complete and what the remuneration will be. Some sites will pay in cash for each survey you complete and others will pay in points that can be exchanged for cash or vouchers which can be used in High Street shops. If you are paid in cash, the majority of survey sites will pay via PayPal, however there are a couple who pay by cheque. Most sites have a minimum earning level which you will have to reach before claiming your earnings.

Which Survey Sites to Choose?

There are a number of sites in the UK and there is no limit to the number of sites you can sign up to in order to help maximise your earnings. Valued Opinions is one of the most well established sites and pays in vouchers which can be used in places such as Tesco and Amazon. You have to earn at least ten pounds before you can claim your money, from which point the vouchers take twenty eight days to arrive. My Survey will either pay in Amazon vouchers or Nectar points and has a payment threshold of five pounds. Global Test Market is a US based site that British people can use. You Gov is a site which asks people about their opinions regarding social issues rather than consumer products. This site has a fifty pound payout threshold, and surveys are less regular than on other sites. The payment threshold is fifty dollars, and payment is by cheque. Other popular sites include Vivatic, Toluna, and New Vista Live. The key to earning money on these sites is making sure you regularly complete surveys.

Warnings and Tips

There are some scam survey sites on the internet and it is important to remember that no reputable survey site company will ask you for any money to complete surveys. If you are not sure about a particular site, check for reviews of the company on the internet. Also, remember the survey sites are not banks and it is possible that they can close down, so the recommended advice is withdraw your earnings once you reach the payment threshold.