Market Research Paid Surveys

What are Paid Market Research Surveys?

Market research surveys are commissioned by companies to gain valuable feedback and opinions on a number of topics ranging from their products to the customer's opinion of the company to general topics. There is a survey for pretty much anything you could imagine. If you watch TV and see adverts for haircare products or beauty products etc, there is a blurb at the bottom of the screen saying x amount of people agreed the product worked. This information comes from these surveys.

There are a number of different surveys available to complete. Some are very basic and consist of a number of questions on a specific topic. Screening questions are asked first and if you don't fit the profile they're looking for they will not require you to finish the survey. More complex surveys can involve keeping a diary for a number of days and inputting the details into the site. Other sites like to send you free samples of a wide variety of products ranging from household items to beauty products. You use the product for a set period of time and report your findings back to them. Usually you get to keep the product at the end of the trial. Sometimes the product is confidential and you have to sign a disclaimer promising to not reveal it (or any information about it) to anybody.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

Each site is different. With some sites you earn money for each survey completed which can be transferred into your bank or Paypal account once the payment threshold is reached. The threshold can be anything from £5 to £50 depending on the site. The amount paid per survey is in the region of 50p - £1 for a basic survey up to £10 for something more complex. Other sites award points in exchange for doing surveys and once the threshold is reached the points can be exchanged.

Normally the points are exchanged for vouchers, but some do exchange for cash also. The vouchers on offer tend to be for most large companies including HMV, Boots, Amazon and many more. A normal survey takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete, so while you won't get rich quick, it's a great way of accumulating some extra money towards Christmas or birthdays using your free time.

What Sites should I Use?

There are lots of different sites to choose from. To maximise earnings, sign up for as many sites as you feel comfortable with. Some sites send surveys several times a day, some only come through several times a month. The following sites are among the most well known.

Global Test Market

This site is based in the US, but it accepts UK registrants too. They award points per survey completed and the payment threshold is 1000 points which equates to around £35 which is paid via cheque.

Valued Opinions

Another site who award points for completing surveys. The points are then exchanged for vouchers which include Tesco, Amazon, M&S and more.

My Survey

Points are exchanged for vouchers including Amazon, M&S, Nectar and more. The payment threshold is very low on this site and can be reached easily.


On this site you can either do surveys as normal, but they also have mini polls which take seconds and can really add onto your points balance. The payment threshold isn't too high either.

There are 2 things that you should remember when looking for sites to join.

Never pay to join the site. There are lots of sites asking for a registration fee and promising you will make that back within days. All the good, reputable sites are free to join, so don't bother.

Cash in your points or cash as soon as the payment threshold has been reached. If the company goes bankrupt and you have a large balance that you've been saving, you will get nothing back.