Market Research Panel Jobs

What Are Market Research Panel Jobs?

Market research panel jobs are usually done from home and can add a little extra cash into your pocket. They are basically what are more commonly known as online survey sites. These sites want to pay you for your opinion.

Companies in the UK pay out millions each year just to find out what it is the consumer wants or needs and this can be for anything from basic food items to cars and luxury holidays. They want your views. To obtain these, they usually operate using a third party which, in most cases, is an online survey / market research site.

There are hundreds of sites available that you can join. Payment for your opinions can be anything from as little as 50p to as much as £50 or even more. The payment for the work that you do is generally based on the length and complexity of the questions you are given.

Finding Good Sites

A simple search of the internet will give you a large number of these market research sites to choose from. As with all work at home opportunities, there are scammers out there and you need to be vigilant to make sure you are not signing up for something that you do not want. To start with, sign up to some free market research panels. This way you have nothing to lose. Some panels will register you only after receiving an administration fee. This is okay if the amount does not exceed a few pounds at the most. But remember, they want you opinion and should not really be after your cash. Make sure that the companies you are signing up with have a valid business address and a means of contacting them in the event of a problem. Any outlandish flashy looking sites that offer to make your fortune after you have paid them a fee are generally a scam and best avoided.

Joining a Market Research Panel

Upon joining a market research panel you will be asked a number of questions regarding your lifestyle and interests. This is done so that the market research company can find out as much as possible about you and then match you to the most applicable questionnaires. Do not skip over filling them in as they can make the difference between an in box full of boring surveys and those which are of interest to you.

At the beginning, you should take as many of the surveys as you are offered as this will ensure your payments quickly add up - you'll gain yourself a good reputation with the company in the process. Always answer all questions with complete honesty.

To make as much money as possible it is advisable that you sign up to as many market research panels as possible. Although not all at once. Take it slowly and build up the number of panels of which you are a member. This way you will not be immediately put off.

Working in this way can help add a little extra money into the bank and fill in some spare time all in one go.