Market Research Panels

What are Market Research Panels?

Market research panel websites are what are more commonly known as online survey sites. These sites can be a fantastic way of earning a little extra money. A quick internet search will provide you with a whole list of sites to choose from. Market research panels such as these want honest answers from people of all sorts and you do not need any special skills to join up. These companies pay out millions of pounds every year to find out what it is that people want from a product. So why not get your share of this and sign up to a few sites?

Finding Sites

Once you have done your internet search, you can begin to look through some of the sites. Beware, some sites are scams and may not even pay you for surveys that you have completed. There are a number of sure fire ways of spotting a scam site. Anything that boasts how much you can earn or a site that asks for a ridiculous registration fee is best avoided. A genuine company will have an address somewhere on their web page and they will also show a way of contacting them if you need to. Make sure that you sign up to as many of these as you can to maximise your online earning potential.

Taking Surveys

Okay, so you have now signed up to a number of sites and are eager to get started. This is great, but most market research panels will require that you complete a lifestyle questionnaire before they start sending out surveys. This can seem dull, especially when you sign up to a large number of companies at a time, but it will ensure you receive surveys that are relevant to you. Because of this there is also a greater chance that you will actually be interested in the surveys that you are taking. Once this process is complete you should start to receive invitations from these companies in the form of emails. If the company does not routinely send these out, then be certain to check the website every day to see what they have available for you. Make sure that you answer all the questions truthfully and, to begin with, respond to as many surveys invites as possible. This will help build up your reputation, you will be invited to more surveys and, as you proceed, you can then afford to be choosier about which jobs you pick.

How Much Can I Earn?

Taking surveys online will not exactly earn you a great deal of money. But, it can provide you with a little pocket money. Survey payments are usually based on the length of the survey in question and what you are required to do. Small surveys of only a few minutes may pay as little as 50p. However, larger surveys can pay up to £10. This is often the case when you are sent a product to test. Payments for your participation can be made in cash via Paypal or in the form of a gift voucher to a shop of your choosing. Either way, you have nothing to lose."