Online Jobs from Home

Online Jobs

There are a number of online jobs that you can do from home. These are an excellent way of earning money from the comfort of your own home but may not provide you with enough money to make them a full time occupation. There are a number of genuine sites that offer you the chance to work from home. But beware; there are also a number of scam sites out there that claim you can earn big money. Anything that you stumble across that appears too good to be true most probably is. Work from home jobs range from taking part in online surveys to running your own e-commerce site.

Paid Surveys

Taking paid surveys online is an excellent way to make a bit more money. However, the only way to make a decent amount from taking online surveys is to sign up to as many online survey sites as possible. Beware of any site that makes you pay a registration fee before joining. Whilst some of these sites are genuine, there are a large number of them that are not.

Once you have signed up to an online survey site they will most probably ask you to fill out an extensive lifestyle questionnaire that will enable them to match you with the jobs that will apply and interest you. Make sure that you answer all questions truthfully as any inconsistencies will be pricked up by the site and you may not be paid for a survey that you have taken. Also this may mean you getting barred from that site. Once you have been doing this for a while the number of survey invites you receive should increase.

Freelance Work

There are also a number of sites available that offer you the chance to work on a freelance basis. This can be any number of different jobs from date entry, web design, translations or writing articles. The list is endless as anything that can be done with a PC and internet connection only can occur. The earning potential is uncapped but you may find that specialising in a particular subject area that interests you is beneficial.


An e-commerce site can be set up by using an online auction site or by opening your own e-commerce web site. Auction houses are the easiest to start with. You can buy items wholesale to sell or use a dropshipping company that will offer you a set price for items that you have sold via your site. They will then package and send the item for you.

More established sellers may decide they wish to open their own e-commerce web site. It is possible to set up this up yourself, but most individuals will choose to go to a web design company and pay them for the set up of the site. The general running will then be done by you.


Blogs are another excellent way of earning extra cash. If you own a blog, you can write about whatever subject matter interests you. To make money you will then have to put some adverts for products on your site from various different companies. These will generally be related to your subject matter on your site.

For every person that follows the link on your site to theirs, it will mean a commission payment for you. Some companies will offer a percentage of the product purchased, meaning the earning potential is vast. Other sites will pay you for writing reviews on different products and websites and adding them to your own blog. You will need to be registered with a company to do this and these sites usually have a step by step guide that will enable you to set this up effectively.