Online Surveys for Money - Earn From Home

The ultimate lifestyle choice these days is to work from home and the internet is now making this a real possibility for many. There is a multitude of ways to earn money from home using the internet and one of these is online surveys.

What are Online Surveys?

Large companies spend millions of pounds on market research and the internet has offered them a way to communicate directly with their target market. In the past, companies would use focus groups or expensive door-to-door market research. Whilst the results were good, they did not offer the rewards that access to thousands of potential customers does.

The internet offers this access to companies and they are willing to pay for it. They commission market research companies to set up surveys to ask the public about a variety of things, like their income, likes and dislikes, family structure and purchasing habits. Some companies offer surveys looking at consumer opinions of specific products, whether new or existing.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to completing online surveys. It is your opinion companies are looking for. It is, however, important that you answer qualifying information truthfully. Falsifying personal information in order to qualify is false economy as you may find you fail to qualify for surveys that are more appropriate for you.

Payment is usually made either in cash, by BACS or PayPal, or vouchers for stores and you are expected to reach a certain threshold before you can withdraw payment. This is often around £10 or £25.

Where can I find Online Surveys for Money?

Not all survey companies are equal and so whilst a quick web search will bring up hundreds of options for you to try, not all of these are guaranteed to pay out or allow you to reach the payout level. Common complaints about some survey companies are that surveys slow down as you near the payout threshold or once you have reached it, so you just aren't paid.

The best way to find online surveys for money is to read substantial reviews, listen to recommendations and scour some of the work at home forums. These tend to direct you to the best sites and the poorest sites are exposed too, helping you avoid the scams and earn some money.

What are the Benefits of Online Surveys for Money?

If you are hoping to make a living from online surveys, then it is worth noting that this is near impossible. Online surveys for money offer the opportunity to work from home but are very unlikely to provide a full-time income. Online surveys are ideal for stay-at-home mums and those looking to supplement an existing income. They can be done as part of a general online moneymaking strategy combined with other activities.

Online surveys pay between 10p and £5 per survey.

Apart from the financial rewards of completing online surveys, some companies offer to send you new products to trial as part of the survey. You get to keep these and can be an added benefit of the job.