Online Surveys, Working From Home

Online Surveys

A great way to earn some extra cash in your spare time is to take online surveys. Online surveys exist because the companies who run the surveys want your opinions for market research purposes. You could be asked your views on virtually any product or service.

Most online surveys can be found on specialist online survey websites that pay you per survey. Payment for the surveys can be anything from 50p upwards but the rewards soon add up. Some sites will pay you in cash, whilst others will pay you by means of a gift voucher for a shop of your choice. The payment usually depends on the length of the survey in question. It will not generate you enough to live on but it can certainly put a few extra pounds into your pocket - and all for doing something for a few minutes online in your spare moments.


To start earning money from online surveys you will first have to register with an online surveys website. To earn as much as possible, it is worth registering with a number of different sites. When you first register you will be asked a number of questions relating to yourself and your lifestyle. This is done so that they can match you with applicable surveys and ones that you will be interested in receiving. Invites to surveys are usually sent direct to your e-mail address. You may decide to set up a different e-mail address specifically for your survey invites.

When you first begin taking online surveys it is advisable that you accept as many of these surveys as you can. You can then build up a good reputation for yourself with the company. You must always remember to answer all questions honestly. As time goes on, you can probably become more choosy as to which surveys you take, picking the ones that interest you the most.

Finding Good Online Survey Sites

As with any work at home opportunity, there are many genuine sites and many that are not so genuine. To find the best sites make sure that you can see a registered business address for the company and means of contacting them if necessary. Search online to see what other members of these sites are saying about them. Some survey sites will ask you to pay a registration fee before you can begin taking surveys. This is acceptable as long as they are not asking for an unreasonable sum of money. The best sites are generally the free sites as all they want from you is your opinion. There are also a number of sites operating that pay little or nothing for the surveys you take and these are best avoided.

If 'screened out' or should your profile not happen to fit the required demographic for a particular survey, don't ever feel that your opinion does not count. The producers of the questions are after a wide range of opinions from a vast range of different people.

Taking online surveys can sometimes seem like a chore, but interesting surveys do come your way and the pounds soon add up.