Part Time Weekend Jobs from Home

Why Work from Home?

In these difficult economic times, people are increasingly looking for different ways of finding an income. Many people are choosing to work from home. The internet has vastly increased the ways in which ordinary people can supplement their income in this way.

Ways to earn money from home at the weekend including writing blogs, taking surveys and writing articles for market research companies as well as voice-over work. However, if you do choose to go down this route you have to be careful to avoid scams. There are many sites out there promising that you can earn hundreds of pounds a week. They usually ask you to pay a subscription. These sites are to be avoided. The simple rule of thumb is that if an opportunity seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Writing a Blog

This is a very popular way of earning money from home. Blogs can be written about virtually any subject. Better still, considering you can write a blog about products and services and get paid by various companies for doing so. You can make money either from having advertising on your blog site using the pay-per-click advertising model, or you can get paid directly by companies themselves by writing good-quality content about their product or service.

Starting a blog does not cost you anything and, providing you have a good knowledge of the subject you are writing about and are good at writing, a decent income can be made.

Typing Jobs from Home

There are many ways that you can earn money doing typing jobs and, providing you have decent typing skills and a good, working knowledge of how to use Microsoft Word, then you should be able to supplement your income.

People are always looking for someone to type things out for them, from small companies to authors, through to university students.

Authors and business people use typists to copy out work that has been recorded onto a dictaphone because it enables them to narrate their work more quickly than they would be able to type. Students might look for someone to type out their essays and dissertations because they may not be particularly well organised or their typing skills might be lacking, so they use a typist in order to gain better marks for having well-presented work.

Typing jobs from home are best for people with good experience of secretarial work or who are just good at typing and well versed in the use of Microsoft Word. In theory, all you need is a printer and an internet connection. People can then email their work to you from anywhere in the world. Most people who do typing jobs from home do so on a freelance basis.

Voice and Photography work

If looking for something different, there are a few websites that use people to do voice-over work for advertisers and other companies.

UK voices is an example of one such company. They advertise various different jobs on their website and you can make recordings from your home and upload them onto their site. Then, if they like what they hear, they will use your voice for a particular job.

You can also make money from taking photos. Sites might want a shot of a particular place or scene to use on their website and will pay well for the perfect 'shot'. If you enjoy photography then this might be a good option because you can make a decent income from doing something you enjoy.

Mystery Shopping

There is a lot of this kind of work available that can usually be found through market research companies. Becoming a mystery shopper will usually involve you having to buy products or visit restaurants and assess the service provided by the staff. You can claim back the expenses simply by keeping your receipts.

Pepsi Co. who own chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut are one company who use mystery shoppers regularly. A decent part-time income can be made but it's best to sign up with several different agencies.

The kind of skills that mystery shopping agencies are looking for are good observation and the ability to work within specified time scales. The amounts paid for each job vary from agency to agency and depending on the level of complexity of the job, can range from around ten to fifty pounds per assignment.

Focus Groups

This is another way of earning a decent part-time income. Research companies look for people to give their opinions on various different subjects. These are usually products or services like mobile phones, utility companies or online services like video-on-demand or other websites. They look to get your opinions on these products and services and can pay anything from twenty five to seventy five pounds for each completed research group.

The Research House and Focus Force are two companies that offer this kind of work. All you have to do is register your details and the kinds of things you are interested in and they will email you when research groups matching your interest criteria are available.

Online Surveys

These are very popular and there are many online sites that pay people to complete surveys. Large corporations and companies employ market research companies to recruit people to give their opinions on their products and services.

Registering with a consumer survey site is free. Again, you need to tell them what your interests and preferences are and they will invite you to take surveys based on the information you provide. You can earn anywhere between fifty pence and ten pounds for every survey you complete and they usually take no more than half an hour to complete. Payment is usually made every month through paypal or straight into your bank account, or some may award you in vouchers.

Just remember, whatever type of weekend work you decide is right for you, do beware of those scams. After all, your ultimate aim is to make money, not be conned out of it.