Reviews of UK Paid Surveys

What are Paid Surveys?

When companies want to try a new product line or gauge public opinion on a product or service, the most cost effective and efficient way for them to do so is via survey sites. In the UK, there are numerous survey sites where Joe Public signs up and completes surveys on a range of different topics and is rewarded for doing so, usually in the form of points that can be converted for voucher for a wide variety of online and High Street shops. The amount of points that can be earned varies from site to site and the cash out period can vary substantially too.

Hints and Tips

With the large number of sites available to choose from, there are a few things you should remember.

Never, ever, pay to join the site. Some sites charge as much as £85 to become a member, promising that you will soon be earning hundreds of pounds. All of the best sites are free to join meaning there is no risk to you and your money stays safe.

Sign up to several different sites to maximise your revenue. Some sites send several surveys a day, some only send them a few times a month.

As soon as you reach the payment threshold, cash in your points. These sites are not covered by the same rules as banks etc, so if they go bust before you claim what is yours, they are gone forever.

What Reputable Sites are out There?

Most of the larger sites have been around for a number of years and have earned a good reputation among the online community. Some are known for paying out faster than others and others are known for sending out plenty of surveys. Some of the most well known sites are:

Global Test Market

This site is based in the US, but they accept applicants from all over the world. Their cash out threshold is pretty low. Once you get 1,000 points they will send a cheque out. Typically the cheque is for around the £35 mark, but it can fluctuate depending on the exchange rate. An average survey is worth around 30 - 50 points and they tend to come fairly regularly.

Valued Opinions

This was one of the first survey sites and has been operating for a number of years. Each survey is worth between £1 and £5 and the payment threshold is £10. Once the threshold is reached, you can choose from a range of vouchers including Tesco, Amazon and Top Shop. It normally takes around 28 days for the voucher to arrive.

My Survey

Payment for this site comes in the form of Nectar points, Amazon gift vouchers or via Paypal. Each survey is worth between 100 - 200 points. 575 points will get you £5 into your Paypal account or 700 points will net a £5 Amazon voucher. The vouchers tend to come through fairly swiftly, usually taking around a week.