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We've gathered together the best offers available in the UK. Sign up to as many as you'd like to take advantage of the benefits - if you do 3 or more we'll also add £3 to your Vivatic balance.
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Cash Offers
We've gathered together the best offer walls available. For each cash offer you do we'll pay you the amount stated. After surveys this is the best way to earn through Vivatic.
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Tell us more about you so that we can tailor offers and surveys to suit you. Knowing you better helps us adapt to your interests and give you the highest rewards possible for the surveys, offers and actions you complete on
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Login to Facebook via our app and earn yourself £0.1. We do this to validate who you are and help you towards your first £25. It comes in handy when using our refer-a-friend scheme.
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Login to PayPal via our app and earn yourself £0.1. We do this to validate who you are so we can pay you. You'll also get closer to that £25.
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Vivatic filters surveys from numerous market research companies, so you can get paid to share your opinions. Check our Surveys section daily to keep racking up your rewards - some surveys can pay up to £4 per completion.
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We post thousands of simple online tasks from third parties, which are quick and easy to complete. These typically only pay a few pence each, but with a near endless supply you can turn your spare time into cash.
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These are mostly writing jobs from Vivatic's own network of websites. We may require you to take a writing test to qualify for these jobs, but once you're in you can earn an average of £10 a time for a variety of projects.
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Refer your friends
Refer your friends through Facebook, Twitter or via email and earn £2 when each of them earns £10.
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Values above are based on user feedback. Earnings for surveys, tasks and jobs can be considerably more. The total above may include additional earnings not from the categories listed.

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Vivatic's Jobs

  • Complete surveys
  • Write articles
  • Answer questions
  • Write blog posts
  • Write reviews
  • Research product information
  • Data entry
  • Proof Reading
  • Transcribe videos
  • Check images for adult content
  • Classify products

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