Uswitch Energy Consumers

Who are Uswitch?

Uswitch is a comparison website which allows consumers to compare the prices and products from suppliers of a whole range of different services, including energy, telephone, insurance and broadband services. They were founded in 2000 and have since grown to become one of the leading comparison websites on the internet.

They, like all comparison sites, do not act on behalf of any company or supplier in particular and so the information they provide is impartial. They make their money on a commission basis, meaning that companies listed on their site pay them a small fee for every customer who signs up with them through Uswitch.

Uswitch is a free to use service and the registration process is quick and simple. When you visit the site, all you have to do is enter some details (the kind of service you are looking for, price range, location etc.) and they will list the best deals available in your area along with the provider's contact details. With some products, like energy or broadband, the consumer can sign up to a plan there and then on the Uswitch website or contact the provider themselves directly.

Many people like to use sites like Uswitch because they save a lot of time and make the whole process of finding the best deal much easier.

Uswitch Energy Deals

Uswitch provide comprehensive information for customers looking to switch energy providers. They offer deals on both gas and electricity providers. The main purpose of using a site like Uswitch is to save money. Uswitch claim to be able to save you up to four hundred and twenty pounds a year on your energy bills. Yet, they make it clear on their site that there is no one cheapest deal or supplier - there are far too many different tariffs and too many different kinds of consumer to be able to say that. Rather Uswitch seek to help you to find the cheapest deal based on your particular circumstances. Generally, you will also find that you will be able to get a cheaper deal if you switch both your gas and electricity suppliers at the same time.

Finding the Cheapest Supplier

Finding the cheapest deal for your gas and electricity supply will depend on several factors. These can include your area, your level of usage and if you are looking to switch both gas and electricity or just one or the other.

Rates and tariffs can vary depending on the part of the country in which you live. Similarly, some tariffs are only available in certain areas.

Your usage also has an impact on cost. For example, a household that uses a lot of electricity would save money with a tariff that uses a fixed standing charge, but the same tariff might be expensive for someone who uses comparatively little electricity. Also, most energy suppliers will offer discounts for customers who pay by direct debit.

The only way of finding the best deal for your particular needs is to put your details into the site and see what it comes up with. They can then give you a personalised quote based on your location and how much energy you use.

Online Energy Plans

Many people find that online energy deals offer the best value option. Uswitch states that, on average, online deals are around three hundred pounds cheaper than standard tariffs.

What distinguishes online plans from other energy plans is that you must sign up to them 'online'. Also, you will most likely stop receiving paper bills and will instead have to manage your account entirely online, including giving meter readings. There are environmental benefits to this as well, because by having paperless billing you are contributing to a reduction in the use of paper. Also, the fact that you enter your own meter readings means that you can trust that your bills will always be accurate.

You may already be on an online plan without knowing it. If your plan has online or web in its title then that is a tell-tale indication that it is an online deal. But if you are in doubt then you can contact your supplier who will clear this up for you.

Who is the Best Supplier?

This is a difficult question to answer. But based on customer satisfaction surveys, Scottish and Southern Energy appear to be outright winners. They came top of the Energy Customer Satisfaction Awards in 2011 for the sixth year in a row. NPower, on the other hand, came bottom.

Still, 2011 was a difficult year for the major energy suppliers, with around half of consumers saying they were dissatisfied with their service.

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