Ways to Earn Money Online for Free

Getting Started

There are very few people who would turn down the opportunity of earning extra income online for free. You may be in the position where you are simply looking to supplement your existing income and need to fit the work around a busy family life, or you could be looking for a primary income source. Whatever your objective, there are opportunities out there for everyone.

A word of caution - avoid the scams. There will be thousands of opportunities listed through internet search engines, but only a select few of them will be legitimate. You need to research well. If an opportunity seems to good to be true, then there is a high possibility that it probably is. Never choose a company who asks for a fee upfront to work for them.

What Opportunities Are There?

Selling is always an option. Many people turn to auction sites as an initial income fix. Selling your unwanted belongings may only be the start. Once you get into the flow and have had a few successful sales, you will get an eye for the things that sell. You could even collect things to sell from family and friends and command a percentage of the profits.

If you don't have a product to sell, you could always make one. If you have a camera, you could try selling stock photographs. Companies will pay for photographs of anything. You may be surprised.

If you have a flair for writing, you could try freelancing. Written articles are unlikely to make you rich, but companies will pay for them. Articles are required on almost any subject. You could even use writing skills to submit articles directly to magazines or newspapers. Blogging for a second income is also becoming increasingly popular as you can receive payment for promotional advertising on your site.

Anything Else?

Data transcription can be an efficient method of making money. If you are educated to a reasonable level in maths and English and have good listening skills, this could be the job for you. Many companies are outsourcing their data processing to reduce their own cost.

If you have a specific skill, such as the knowledge and ability to repair a broken mobile phone screen, you could record and sell video instructions for others to follow. You could even write an ebook to explain the process.

Paid surveys can also provide additional income, although it is beneficial to register with several companies if you really want it to pay. Companies really will pay for your opinion. Surveys can be on any subject and may involve completing a questionnaire, watching a video or advertisement or comparing pictures. You can expect to receive anything from 50p to £1 for an average length survey lasting 5-20 minutes.

Getting Paid

Always make sure you are clear on the method and frequency of payment for your chosen project. Some companies will only pay at the end of the following month, others may pay once you reach a certain threshold and others may only pay quarterly.

Be clear on how you will be paid. Some companies will pay in cash, some in points that can be exchanged for vouchers and others will pay in entries to prize draws. This may be fine for some, but may not be the answer if you need good hard money to pay the bills.